Michael Supports Contingent Sale, in Buena Park & TX, and Speaks Vietnamese a Little Bit (“Một Chút”)

Uyen Lam came to Michael from a Zillow Lead. Michael had spent six years, with many Vietnamese friends, colleagues, and neighbors, learning some familiar Vietnamese phrases. When Michael connected with Uyen on Zillow, they clicked.

Uyen was selling a home in Fountain Valley, and wanted to buy a home nearby for her sons and mother. She had invested well and had three other homes for sale, in TX and FL.

Initially, three offers were made–at the top of Uyen’s budget–and she was outbid three times. A new Strategy was formed and the Contingent Offer on Melrose was accepted. We closed in less than 30 days.

Several timing and approval issues arose during escrow, in CA and TX, and Michael was able to step in, often translating for Uyen, to make sure she understood.